Nylon Pond Netting - More Rot Resistant and UV Stabilized

Nylon pond netting is another main type of pond netting. Compared with plastic pond netting, the nylon pond netting is stronger and more UV resistant. The nylon pond netting can be knotted or woven types. The knotted structure supplies higher tensile strength for the netting, which can be used for child safety nets.


  • Material: high quality nylon material.
  • Mesh type: diamond or square.
  • Mesh size: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4", 1", 1-3/4" and 2".
  • Color: black, blue and other colors are available.
Item Width Length
SNPN-01 7' 10'
SNPN-02 8' 10'
SNPN-03 10' 12', 15'
SNPN-04 12' 12', 15', 20'
SNPN-05 14' 20'
SNPN-06 15' 20'
SNPN-07 20' 25', 30'
SNPN-08 25' 30'
SNPN-09 30' 30'
A piece of knotted pond netting on the white background.

Knotted nylon pond netting.

A piece of woven pond netting on the white background with six stakes on it.

Woven nylon pond netting.


  • Blending in easily with the environment.
  • Ultra high tensile strength.
  • More UV stabilized and durable.
  • More rot resistant than plastic pond netting.
  • Secure it in place by the stakes and stones.
  • Protect the safe of fishes, koi and children.
  • Reduce the maintenance of the pond.


  • The nylon pond netting can protects valuable pond fishes, koi and other water lives from predators like heron, hawk, cat or rook. It can also protect the fishes from jumping out.
  • The nylon pond netting can keep the leaves and debris out of the pond and reducing the possibility of pumps becoming clogged. It can also keep the pond water be healthy and clear.
  • The pond netting can be also used as the child safety nets to protect the safe of children and prevent the children from falling into the water.
Woven nylon pond netting is installed over the brook with post supporting it.

Nylon pond netting can be installed over the brook to protect fishes and prevent debris and leaves.

Knotted nylon pond netting is installed over the water garden with several plants on the waterside.

Knotted nylon pond netting can be used as the child safety net to protect the safe of children.

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