Knitted Pond Netting with Small Hole Size and Widen Edge

Knitted pond netting is made of high quality polypropylene monofilament. The material is UV stabilized, which can ensure the long service life of the pond netting. There are widen edges on the netting, which are more stable than the common pond netting. The grommets on the netting make the pond netting be easily fastened to the land.

Knitted pond netting is a sturdy and safe material, which can be installed over the pond to protect goldfishes, koi and other water life from predators like the herons, frogs, cats and ducks.


  • Material: polypropylene.
  • Hole size: 1/8", 3/8", 3/4", 1".
  • Color: black.
Item Width Length
SKIPN-01 10' 10', 12', 30', 50', 100'
SKIPN-02 12' 15', 30', 50', 100'
SKIPN-03 14' 14', 20', 30', 50', 100'
SKIPN-04 15' 15', 20', 30', 50', 100'
SKIPN-05 16' 16', 32', 50', 100'
SKIPN-06 20' 20', 30', 50', 100'
SKIPN-07 32' 32', 50', 100'


  • UV stabilized of long service life.
  • Soft. Will not harm to the fishes and water life.
  • Fine openings keep even small matter out
  • Enlarge boarder for higher tensile strength.
  • Brass grommets for easy fixation.
  • Lightweight for convenient to remove for cleaning.
  • Save the maintenance cost of pond netting.
  • Can be cut to any size and will not unravel.
A piece of knitted pond netting with widen edge.

Widen edge can supplies higher tensile strength for the knitted pond netting.

A piece of knitted pond netting with a brass grommet on the edge.

The brass grommets make the netting be easily fastened to the land.


The knitted pond netting is installed over the pond, water garden or brook to protect the valuable goldfish and koi from cats, herons, duck, grog and other predators.

The knitted pond netting is ideal for catching leaves and other debris, the small mesh size can catch almost all of the leaves and debris, which can keep the pond clean and healthy. The knitted pond netting can be applied in the fish pond to protect the fishes from herons, cats and other predators. Additional, the knitted pond netting is very soft, so it will not harm to the fishes.

The knitted pond netting is installed over the pond with a duck in the water.

Knitted pond netting can keep the water in the water garden be healthy and clear.

A hand is pushing the knitted pond netting, which is on the side of the fish pond.

Knitted pond netting can be used in the fish pond to protect the fishes from predators.

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