Full Catalog of the Pond Netting and Accessories


Extruded pond netting with UV stabilized materials and higher tensile strength is widely used in the ponds to protect clear and healthy pond water.

Knotted pond netting has firm knotted structure, which can supplies high tensile strength for safe protection of fishes and children.

Knitted pond netting with widen edge and brass grommets is widely used in the water gardens and fish pond to protect the fishes from predators.

Woven pond netting, with durable and UV stabilized material is widely used in the ponds, brooks to keep the leaves and blowing debris out.

Shade cloth with thin hole sizes is commonly used in the ponds to blocks sunlight out, keep debris out and protect fishes from predators.

Plastic pond netting with extruded, knitted and shade cloth types is widely used in ponds, brook and water gardens to protect fishes and keep water clean.

Nylon pond netting with stronger material and knotted and woven types is widely used in the ponds to protect fishes and children.

Child safety nets with durable nylon material and knotted structure are widely used in the pool, pond and water features to protect safe of children.

Fixing accessories including the ground staple, plastic staples are used to secure the pond netting and child safety nets in place.