Child safety nets - knotted nylon structure

Child safety nets are mainly used for protect the safe of children and pets. Every year, we can read articles about children losing their lives in pool or pond drownings. How we can avoid these tragedies and liberate ourselves from the nightmares? Pond or pool cover is the ideal choice. The child safety nets are a kind of pool cover which has higher tensile strength than the common pond cover or pond netting. it is an advanced products of knotted pond netting. The child safety nets are mainly manufactured from nylon material, which are more durable than the plastic material. Also, the nylon material is stronger and more UV stabilized. The child safety nets have equal mesh sizes, which prevent trapping a toddler' s head but large enough to limit a child' s movement on the net.

The structure of the child safety nets is knotted, which can supplies higher tensile strength and longer service life.


  • Material: nylon or polyethylene.
  • Twine size: 3mm, 4mm.
  • Mesh type: square.
  • Mesh size: 60mm, 95mm.
  • Color: blue or black.
  • Installation: use specially designed child safety nets fixing.
Item Width length
SCSN-01 0.3m 0.3m
SCSN-02 1m 2m
SCSN-03 1.5m 2m, 2.5m
SCSN-04 2m 3.5m
SCSN-05 2.5m 2.5m, 3m, 4m
SCSN-06 3m 4m, 5.5m
SCSN-07 3.5m 5m, 6m,
SCSN-08 4m 5.5m, 7m
SCSN-09 4.5m 5m, 6m, 6.5m
Note: Special sizes can be customized.


  • High density and tensile strength.
  • UV stabilized inhibitors to prevent shrinkage and fading.
  • Rot resistance for long lasting.
  • Equal mesh size for preventing trapping the toddler's head.
  • Will not affect the beauty of pond, once plants have grown through the net, it disappear from view.
  • Can bear the weight of children and keep them be away from the harm and danger.
  • Net size can be customized to fit your ponds, pools or water features.
  • Fixing can be supplied to secure the nets in place. The fixing distance is maximum 18".
  • Cut to fit the awkward sizes and will not unravel.
Child safety nets is covering the water feature and several plants grow through the netting.

The child safety nets will not affect the beauty of the water garden.

The child safety nets are fixed on the concrete land with the screw hook.

The fixing can be supplied to secure the netting in place.


  • The child safety nets is mainly used for protecting the safe of children and pet. It can be installed on the ponds, pools and other water features.
  • The child safety nets can be used as the defense of the soaring predators for the fishes.
  • The child safety nets can keep curious children safe from running water and streams.
A father is feeding the fishes with his three baby and the black child safety net is covering the pond.

Child safety nets can prevent the children from falling in.

Child safety net is covering the water garden.

The child safety net can protect the fishes, koi from predators.

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