• A piece of black woven pond netting is installed over the pond with several leaves on the nets and fishes in the water.
  • Knotted pond netting is covering a water garden with several plants on the bank and fishes in the water.
  • The nylon pond netting is covering the pond and several fishes in the pond.
  • Five types of fixing accessories on the white background

Pond Netting - Protector of the Fishes, Children and Pond

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What is pond netting?

Woven, knitted, knotted and extruded weaving type of pond netting.

Pond netting has different weaving types.

Pond netting is a kind of netting, which can be installed on the pools, pond, water gardens and other places for protection.

Pond netting has various weaving method, such as the extruded, knotted, knitted and woven. Different weaving method has their own features, so it can fit different requirements of customers.

Pond netting is a multi-purpose netting. It can protect the valuable goldfishes, koi and other water lives from predators. The shade cloth can help to resist the burn sunlight and protect the plants in the water. Besides, it can prevent the leaves and debris from falling into the water to pollute the quality of water. Additional, it can also be used as the child safety nets to protect the safe of children and pets.

When we use the pond netting?

  • Trees will be the shelter in the summer. They will bring cool for you and you can enjoy your pond or water feature under the trees. So, maybe you are willing to plant trees surrounding the pond. But it is trouble when the autumn comes. If you have trees or plants surrounding your ponds, when the autumn comes, the leaves will be falling into the pond and other debris will be blown into the pond also. Your pond will be dirty and ugly. The water in the pond will be worse and worse. Just set up the pond netting over your pond before the autumn coming, it will prevent the leaves and debris from falling into the ponds and keep the water be clear and healthy.
  • In your pond or in your water garden, the goldfish or the koi may become the unique scenery and let your pond or water garden looks so great. But if there are valuable goldfishes, koi in your pond, you may worry about their safe. It may attract the visitors, such as the herons, cats, frogs and other birds. They love the fishes like you and they want to own them. So, when you are resting in your bed or you go to work in the daytime, they will come and your fishes will be taken by them and leave nothing for you. Just use the pond netting onto your pond, it will ensure the safe of your fishes and it will tell your visitors that they are unwelcome.
  • Children and babies are curious everything especially things in the water. They want to touch them and know what they are. They can't realize the danger is surrounding them and we cannot keep them in our sight in24 hours. So, if you have the toddlers or children under twelve age, and also you have a pond, pool or a water garden in anywhere of your home, you may need the pond netting. It can protect your children from falling into the water. It can keep your babies far away from the drowning dangers. It can let your families enjoy the fish swimming, water flowing and beautiful water features securely.
The pond is full of leaves and the water is become dirty.

Before the leaving falling, you should set up the pond netting to protect the pond water.

Heron, frog, cat and duck are trying to eating fishes in the pond.

Just install the pond netting over your pond to deter the fish's predators.

A child is trying to touch the fish, a boy is feeding the fishes, a girl is want to touch the water and a boy is playing beside the swimming pool.

Child safety nets is a must to protect the safe of children.

Why we choose the pond netting?

  • UV stabilized. No matter the plastic pond netting or nylon pond netting, they are all UV stabilized for long service life.
  • Economical and effective. The pond netting is much cheaper than the metal devices and it can play the same function and even more function than that, such as the soft structure, it will not harm to the fishes.
  • Easy installation. The pond netting is lightweight, so we don't need special tools or skills to install it and the uninstallation is also easy.
  • High tensile strength and durable. The child safety nets, advanced products of the knotted pond netting, has higher tensile strength to bear the weight of the children and even the adults.
  • Reduce the maintenance of the pond. It make the maintenance of the pond be easy and fast. Save cost and money. It is the ideal products for the ponds.
  • Customized. All of the sizes can be customized to fit the awkward shapes. And all of the nets are supplied slightly oversize and can be cut to fit after installation.
The pond netting is fixed by the supports, tones, plastic staples and anchor.

Pond netting has different fixation and the installation is very easy.

How we use the pond netting?

The installation of the pond netting is so easy and need no special tools.

Just fix one side of the pond netting to the bank with stones or fixing accessory. And stretch the pond netting until it covers the whole pond netting, then just fasten the netting to the land.

For the fixing accessory, it has different choice. If the land of the pond is soft, you can choose the plastic staples or ground staples to fasten the pond netting. The aluminum carabiner, steel screw peg and anchor can secure the child safety pond netting in place.

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Extruded pond netting with UV stabilized materials and higher tensile strength is widely used in the ponds to protect clear and healthy pond water.

Knotted pond netting has firm knotted structure, which can supplies high tensile strength for safe protection of fishes and children.

Knitted pond netting with widen edge and brass grommets is widely used in the water gardens and fish pond to protect the fishes from predators.

Woven pond netting, with durable and UV stabilized material is widely used in the ponds, brooks to keep the leaves and blowing debris out.

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